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Shirou gulped as he looked at Saber.  "Well, Saber...  Ah..."  The cold look on her face did not reassure him at all.  "You're pissed, huh?"

"I have no idea what you mean."  Saber said as she continued to give him a cold glare.  "It's not like you ignored my warnings, were attacked at school, and have an enemy magus in our midst after all."  If Saber wasn't so mad, she would have laughed at Shirou's twitch.  "So, then...  I shall accompany you to school from now on."

"Wha, bu, huh?!"  Shirou's eyes started to spin as his mind went over the implications of that statement.  "No!"  Sure, Saber looked like she'd fit in, other than being foreign, but if she walked to school with him, people would talk, rumors would spread and he just knew this would come back to bite him somehow.

"Shirou, I do not see what your problem is."  Saber sighed as her master protested her plan.  "I cannot go intangible, so being near you without anyone noticing is impossible.  And as we both saw, whoever attacked you did so so fast that you were unable to use your Command Seal to summon me.  For that fact, I need to be near you in case a Servant attacks."

"But...  Wouldn't it be..."  Shirou was mentally slapping himself, trying to figure out a way to keep her from going to school.  "I mean, how would I explain..."

"I can just say that I am someone who wishes to enjoy Japan's school system."  She shrugged at his disbelieving look.  "I may not know too much, but I can speak and read the language well enough to get by.  Besides, this way I can check to make sure that you aren't in any real danger."

"Saber..."  Shirou grimaced softly.  "This is a very bad idea.  I mean, wouldn't you being around me just sort of scream 'hey, something weird is going on around here, ask me for details'?"  Even if people wouldn't know she was a Servant, the mere fact that she was something new in people's lives, plus the weird stuff that was going on, even if they didn't figure out that she was a Servant, they would have to know that something was up.

Well, maybe not all of them, but he was almost certain that Issei or Ayako would figure something was up and he was horrid at stuff like hypnosis.  "Besides, if someone figures something out, we'd be in real trouble, I don't know how to hypnotize anyone."

Saber blinked and grimaced, realizing that he was right.  "Even so, I must insist that I come with you to school.  I cannot allow you out of my sight for even a second, Shirou."

Sighing, the redhead realized that this was going to be a VERY long day at this rate.


Sakura sighed as she looked through the Matou library for a grimore on what she needed.  It had been a long day at school without Shirou or Rin around, not that she talked to Rin during the day, while that didn't bother her, not having Shirou around was very troubling.

Shinji didn't show up either, but that wasn't as much of a bother to her.  She didn't want anything bad to happen to him, but that didn't mean she wanted his company around.

"What are you doing?"  Sakura jumped and spun around, gaping as Archerko stood, leaning against the door frame while looking at her with narrowed eyes.  "I mean, really, Sakura, you go to school all day, one would think you wouldn't want to be around books anymore after that."

"Um, Archerko...  Where's Nii-san?"  She didn't know what to think about her Servant most of the time, and right now, Archerko was scaring her for some reason.

The light colored blonde snorted at her.  "In his room.  He wasn't able to sit after I got done with him yesterday."  Sakura's eyes widened and her face flushed.  "Oh please, I didn't do anything permanent to him.  He'll hurt for awhile, but he might actually learn something."  She snorted and turned away from Sakura, looking at the wall in front of her.  "Unlike some people, even if they're worthless or a victim, I can respect those that try to change their fate."


Archerko rolled her eyes and held up a book.  "Is this the one you were looking for?  Basics on prana transfer rituals?"

Sakura caught the book when Archerko tossed it to her.  "How did you..?"

"After what I did to Rin, I'd be surprised if she wasn't at that boy's place.  He strikes me as a nice guy."  She narrowed her eyes when she saw Sakura's face become angry.  "Oh please, like you have any reason to care about either of them.  You don't even care about yourself, why should you care about them?"

"What?"  Sakura stared at her in shock.  "What are you..?"

"I don't know why you put up with your brother or grandfather, Sakura.  I really don't."  Archerko turned to leave before throwing a final piece of advice over her shoulder.  "But you have enough power to make Zouken bow before you in fear and you could easily make Shinji your personal slave."

After Archerko left, Sakura could only stare at where she left, stunned.


"Hello, Zouken."  Archerko said as she sat on the couch, reading a book.  "Ever read this one?  I find those Americans had some pretty good writers back in the day.  Though, trashy western romance novels aren't really my style."

"You're pushing your boundaries."  Zouken narrowed his eyes as he walked forward slowly.  "Do you really think that you can make Sakura stand against me?"

Archerko stood up and turned to look at Zouken, her eyes narrowed.  "Tell me something, old man.  How long until she snaps?  She has more power than even you do, even if she can't use it fully.  What's to stop her from taking her revenge on you?"

Zouken chuckled, before coughing so hard that some blood and worms fell to the floor.  "You don't live as long as I do without taking precautions.  Sakura will do what is needed of her.  And when all is said and done, I'll get what I want, the rest of the masters won't have a chance when I get it."  He tried laughing, but it came out as a pained cough.  "And there's nothing you can do about it."

Zouken was expecting a lot of things, but when Archerko laughed, he found himself irritated and interested.  "What's wrong?"

"You think you have everything under control?"  Archerko put the back of her hand in front of her mouth as her shoulders shook.  "Hahahahahahahohohohohohohoho!  Do you really think you know what's going to happen?  There's too many unknowns, Zouken."

Zouken said nothing and left the room, his mind whirling.

Even if all he wanted to do was rip that Servant apart and feed her to his worms, she had a point.

There were too many unknowns going forward right now.
Sorry it's not that long, and the delay, well, don't have any excuses. Just hope you enjoy this.
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neogoki Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
Prismatic Chaos! Ilya evolves into Archerko!
Free harems for everone (who she call oni-chan)
SilverScarCat Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
*Snicker* Yeah, that would be it. XD
Lycodrake Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Well, Zouken is the Matou/Makiri - the Einzbern were the ones to summon Avenger, Angra Mainyu, in the Third Holy Grail War.
Zouken never seems to take this into account, either from not knowing about Avenger itself and only caring about the power of the corrupted Grail...or he knew about Avenger after what happened at the end of the Fourth HGW.
So I'd say you're doing well portraying him, and with Archerko: 1. being Illya 2. being a Justeaze-model Homunculus and receiving all of Justeaze's and other Einzbern Homunculi isn't too far-fetched for her to know far more than he does.
MWkillkenny84 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Dark Sakura is imminent, and will she be tsundere or yandere for Shirou?
Or worse, go full moe to win him and rub her success in Rin's face.
Vote: 10+++
SilverScarCat Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
heh heh heh. Who knows? :XD:
mega1987 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Darth Sakura is imminent....

I think everyone is gonna be in a world of chaos.

Get Arthuria Dressed up as Ixy!

Ixpellia: It's I-X-P-E-L-L-I-A!!!

New transfer student from Britain?
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