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August 16, 2012
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The Holy Grail War...

A war played out every few decades between seven masters and the seven servants they would summon to aid them in battle.








These were the seven servants of heroes of history, myth and legend, called forth to do battle.

The last one standing would recieve his or her prize, a single wish from the Holy Grail itself.

However, despite the near perfection of the grail, it still had some minor flaws.

And once in awhile, those flaws led to...


And when the Grail hiccuped...

Nothing went right.


"So, do you get it now?"  Rin Tohsaka looked at the redheaded boy and the blonde servant in front of her.  They were currently in his house after a blue-haired man by the name of Lancer had attacked his home.

"Kind of," Shirou Emiya was still confused, first he had seen that Lancer guy fighting a man in red at the school, then he had been chased by the Lancer guy, got stabbed by that spear of his, which should have killed him, but Shirou wasn't going to complain about not dying when he was killed after all.  Then, when he got home, that Lancer guy had followed him, only to be driven off by some strange blue-clad and armored girl calling herself Saber.  And now, Tohsaka, the school idol, was trying to explain things to him.  "But I still have some questions."

"I should have guessed this," Rin said as she closed her eyes and flipped her hair over her shoulder.  "So, come with me, I'll take you to someone who understands what's going on and can teach you a thing or two about what's happening."

"And," Shirou gave her a flat stare, "where are we going to find someone like that, at this time of night, on a Wednesday?"


"Welcome to church," a man with a deep voice, dark hair and a priest outfit said as he saw Rin and Shirou walk through the front doors.  "Ah, Rin, I didn't expect to see you show up.  Is something the matter?"

"Not for me, Kirei."  Rin said as she gestured to Shirou.  "But he, on the other hand..."

"Let me guess, he just discovered magic and you're too busy to teach him how to use it?"  Kirei raised an eyebrow when she shook her head.  "Oh, is it about the other thing?"

"Yes."  Rin grumbled as he chuckled.  "He somehow summoned Saber to the war."

"Ah, how interesting," Kirei nodded and smirked.  "Alright, listen up, boy.  This is a small war between legendary warriors of myth, legend and history.  There's seven servants and seven masters, the servants and masters fight until there's only one left alive, the winner gets a wish granted by the Holy Grail."

"Wait, you mean that thing that..."

"Not that one."  Kirei shook his head at Shirou.  "That one got lost in an Earthquake back in World War 2.  This one calls forth heroic spirits, and the last spirit and master combination alive gets a single wish."

Shirou sweat-dropped at the answer.  "So, to win, I have to..."

"Kill the other masters and servants."  Kirei chuckled at the dark look on Shirou's face.  "Well, there's a couple of other ways to win.  If you can get a master to surrender their command seals to you, they will drop out and you can continue on."

"And, these command seals..?"

Kirei rolled his eyes.  "Man, you know nothing.  Alright, listen up.  A command seal is what's used to keep a bond between master and servant.  Since servants are generally a lot more powerful than their master, the command seals act as a limiter of sorts.  Servants know they can't get too out of control, a single command seal can put them back in their place.  But, at the same time," he grinned at Shirou, making him uncomfortable at the look, "screw up too much and your servant will kill you when you least expect it.  You only have three command seals, use them wisely."  He smirked at Shirou.  "Or did you use one already?  Not a good idea, considering you have to last out the rest of the war."

Shirou twitched, he didn't like this guy already.

"Anyway, the question I have for you, Shirou, is, will you accept being a master and continue fighting this war?"  He turned away from Rin and Shirou.  "I warn you, if you choose to accept, it will be nothing but difficult battles.  Friends and foes, those who were once your ally will now be your enemy."  He narrowed his eyes and smirked.  "Heck, the very reality that you know will be shattered.  If you wish to give up your command seals, do so and I will offer you protection at the church until the war is over."

"No," Shirou shook his head, "no, I'll fight in this war.  But not because I can, but because I want to keep people safe."

"Really?"  Kirei chuckled at him.  "I suppose I should tell you then.  If you're so eager to protect people, what would you do if you knew that the grail could grant such a wish?  Or, perhaps, what would you do if you knew that servants could steal the life of people from just a touch, a glance or even a thought?"  Shirou's eyes widened and Kirei chuckled.  "Just ten years ago, the fourth Grail War was completed, during that time, the servant Caster helped a mass murdering psychopath slaughter dozens of people in incredibly brutal and horrifying ways."

Shirou shuddered at that thought.  "It doesn't matter, I'll stop that.  I'll fight to stop all of that!"

Kirei chuckled heavily.  "Well then, see to it that the tragedy of ten years ago isn't repeated."  Shirou's eyes widened as he smirked.  "I will tell you and Rin both this though, as the mediator of this war, I do not want either of you to come through those doors unless you either give up on being a master and wish to bow out of the war or if you are in need of council.  Though, I'd prefer if you just gave me a phone call.  I won't give you any information about who has what servant that you don't know, but I can tell you that Saber was the final servant summoned."

"Right..."  Rin nodded and turned around.  "Kirei, just leave the war to me, okay?  Fuyuki is my prefecture after all."

Kirei just smirked as the two teenagers left the building.  "How...  Interesting."  Still, things were looking somewhat interesting for the upcoming war.


"What happens now?"  Shirou asked as he, Rin and Saber walked away from the church and onto the street corner.

"Now?"  Rin gave him a flat stare.  "Now you know the truth of this war.  I'll walk with you for a little bit longer, but afterwords, we split up and are no longer allies."

"Ah, well, in that case, thank you, Tohsaka."  Shirou rubbed the back of his head.

"Maybe you shouldn't thank her just yet."  A new voice spoke up and Rin, Shirou and Saber all turned to see a young looking girl with white hair, red eyes standing a few feet from them.  She had a large purple hat on her head, a white scarf and a purple dress.  "Hello, Rin, Onii-chan."  She grabbed her dress and bowed slightly.  "My name is Ilya, Ilya von Einzbern."

"Von Einzbern?"  Rin gasped as she looked at the young girl.  "You're their representative this time?"

Ilya gave her a grim smile.  "Indeed, I do represent the von Einzbern family this time."

"I believe," a new voice spoke up as a tall woman wearing a black, sleeveless shirt that was skin tight that did nothing to hide her very large breasts and short dress materialized behind Ilya, "that you have taken enough time, master."  The woman had long silver hair, fingerless gloves on her hands, eyes so red that they seemed to be rubies rather than eyeballs, and six black wings on her back.  She had short boots on her feet and one sock that ran way up her right leg, leaving her left one almost completely bare.  "Shall we?"

"Of course, Caster."

"That's your servant?"  Shirou asked as Ilya nodded.  Even if she was challenging him, he was just struck by how...  Similar Caster and Ilya looked.  The eyes, the hair, granted Caster's hair was darker than Ilya's, but other than that...

"Ohohohohoho!"  Rin started laughing at Ilya.  "Too bad for you, Ilya...  You called up a Caster class, and Saber here is a natural enemy for all Caster class servants."

Ilya didn't look worried, if anything, she looked amused more than anything else.  "Oh, Rin, how foolish you are.  I admit, I too was under the impression that my Caster wasn't that strong of a servant," she winked and held up a finger, "however, it turns out that she's a natural twenty."

Both Rin and Saber's eyes widened at that.  "A... Natural twenty?"  Rin shivered.  She had heard about that before.

"What's with that?"  Shirou didn't understand what was going on, why would twenty make them so nervous?

"Occasionally, someone gets summoned to a class that they're well suited for, but it turns out that they don't have the weaknesses of that class.  In Caster's case, her weakness should be close range combat, but..."  Rin trailed off as she took a step back, "if she really is a natural twenty, she'd be almost as good as a Rider class in close range combat."

"Even so," Saber narrowed her eyes as she looked at Caster, "she is still a Caster class, and I am still a Saber class servant.  If I stay close to her, she would be unable to use her strongest magic against us."

"Who says you're going to get away?"  A voice similar to Ilya's spoke up and Rin, Shirou and Saber slowly turned around to see another girl, this one looked very similar to Ilya, other than her dark skin.  Behind her, a bronze-skinned giant with dark hair, thick muscles and a stone sword-axe stood silently.  "After all...  Onii-chan, Ilya, I want to kill both of you."

"Ilyasviel."  Ilya said softly.  "Grandfather sent you?"

"After I properly summoned Berserker, which you were unable to do," the dark-skinned girl narrowed her red eyes at Ilya, "grandfather sent me to Fuyuki to make sure that we got the grail."

"I am not liking these odds."  Saber muttered as she looked at both Caster and Berserker.  She could probably beat one or the other fairly easily, but if it came down to a crossfire situation, she wasn't sure if she could beat one without the other taking cheap shots at her.

"Perhaps I should even them then?"  A familiar voice spoke up and Rin sighed as Archer appeared next to Saber.  "Two on two is a lot more balanced, don't you think?"

Ilya crossed her arms over her chest and sighed.  "Well, Rin, consider yourself lucky, I'll let you and your servant leave.  After all," she narrowed her eyes at the group in front of her, "this is a family matter."

"In that case," Archer smirked at Ilya, "I doubt I could leave."  He chuckled softly, "even if I wanted to, my master seems to want to owe Emiya something."  There was more to it than what he said, of course.  In his hands, two swords appeared, one black as night, the other one was white, almost looking like the moon itself.  "Before you say anything, Saber, I am only doing this because my master isn't one to leave, even if it would make things easier."

Rin twitched.  "It's not like that!  Stupid servant, I don't want to owe him anything, that's all!"

"Didn't you already pay him back for saving your life?"  Archer smirked at Rin, who just twitched.  "As for this, though..."  He narrowed his eyes as he looked at Berserker while Saber faced off with that weird Caster girl.  'What is going on here?  Ilya, how did you summon a Caster servant?'  He might not have remembered too much, but he knew that Ilya summoned Hercules as Berserker, so why were there two Ilyas and why did one of them have Caster?

The tension in the air was tremendous, all it would take would be one small thing to set off the fireworks.

A body crashing to the ground and sliding up to Saber and Archer's feet almost did the trick.  "GAH!"  The body said as it sat up, revealing it to be a female body as she clutched her chest.  "That bitch!  She kicked me in the boobs!"

There was a soft noise of two feet touching down onto the ground.  "Considering your size," a rather tall woman with purple hair, black stocking, black arm covers and a black dress that left her upper thighs and shoulders exposed, spoke up, "it was a hard target to hit."  One thing that was noticable on the woman, besides the chains with spiked ends in her hands, was the purple blindfold she had over her face.

The girl jumped to her feet, revealing that she wasn't too tall, she had light blonde, almost white hair, dull red eyes, while wearing ankle boots, a cape around her waist that revealed biker shorts from the front, an armored top with a coat that was very similar to Archer's jacket.  "What did you say?!"  She yelled while glaring at the tall woman.

"Urgh," Ilyasviel twitched as she looked at the group.  "Berserker...  Kill all of them."

The dark skinned girl's servant let out one massive yell before charging at the group.

The Holy Grail War had finally begun in earnest.
Well, here it is, my first foray into the crazy Nasuverse fanfiction...

And, yes, there is some changes, major, minor, ETC changes.

And, you should know, this is a crossover fanfiction.

Can you figure out who Caster is?

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Niemamkota Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Why does it always say "Lancer guy"? It's so informal, doesn't seem to fit saga-like nature of Fate.
SilverScarCat Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
Heh, sorry, just trying to put myself in the mindset of someone who doesn't really know what's happening is all for this, that's why i typed that.  I should have typed "spear guy" or something instead.
bhl88 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
There's one more Ilya left:

Heroic Spirit von Einzbern/Archerko/Lorelei (Archerko). Sword Dancers.
SilverScarCat Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
Fufufufufufufufu... Well, I have 5 more parts up. Read and enjoy. ^_^
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I never formalized stats for the story.
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Yeah guess not.... Though personal skills are a requirement (only those).
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Rider is on the scene too. So Sakura has still her command Seals.
Shirou is his way to a eight-way night, the Harem will be well fed
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