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September 16, 2012
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Shirou yawned as school finally let out for the day.  He was a bit tired from the previous night and all he could hope for was a day or two to figure out what to do next.  As it was, he really didn't want to stick around the school at that moment.  It wasn't like being at school after dark was scary, but there was something that was seriously setting his nerves on edge.

Besides, if he stayed too long, Saber might get upset and it really wasn't fair to make her wait, was it?


As she watched him leave, Archerko smirked, how easy it would be to take him down and do so much to him.  Oh the fun she could have with him, some rope and...  Her thoughts trailed off as Shirou started to move away from the crowd.  "Drat."  Oh well, she'd deal with him another day.  "For now though..."

Oh, she couldn't pull off something like Blood Fort Andromeda, but that didn't mean she couldn't make things interesting in the days to come.  "Fufufufufufufu..."


"Master," Caster popped her head out of her workshop, "are you out..."  She trailed off as she saw a blue haired teenager with glasses, "oh, you."  Sighing, Caster stood up and stepped outside before closing the door behind her.  "What do you want?"

"We're going to have dinner soon, I thought I'd be nice and tell you."

"You don't like me, huh?"  Caster chuckled softly at the monk in training.  "That's fine, I don't like you much either, just put up with me for a little while longer and we won't need to see each other ever again."  She gave him an annoyed smile and he twitched heavily.

"Now see here!"  He raised his voice at her.  "Just because we're monks doesn't mean we won't throw out trouble makers like..."

"Excuse me," the argument stopped as the temperature in the room suddenly dropped by twelve degrees.  "Issei, are you bothering my girlfriend again?"  Issei turned with dread and gulped as he saw Caster's master giving him a blank stare.  "And you," he looked at Caster, "are you trying to get a rise out of him?"

Caster giggled softly.  "I'm sorry, master, but I couldn't help it."  She stopped giggling and gulped when his eyes narrowed at her.  "Please, I'm sorry, I was just teasing him because I was annoyed you weren't out here."

He sighed and shook his head.  "Story of my life," both Caster and Issei sighed as they felt the temperature of the room return to normal, "you said it was time to eat?"  He looked at Issei, who nodded, "you better hurry up, or the Samurai will eat everything."

"Gah!"  Issei's eyes widened and he spun to run out of the room.

"Um, I'm sorry," Caster looked down at her feet nervously, "can you forgive me?"  She almost flinched when he put a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm not mad at you, I just don't want a fight to start in a place that was kind enough to take me in and treat me for all my injuries."  She looked up at him and smiled.  "Medea," he whispered her true name and she blushed heavily as she heard it from his lips, "I said I'd help you fight in this war, didn't I?"

Still blushing, the blue haired woman wrapped her arms around her master and pressed her head against his chest.  "Some day, you'll need to tell me how you got so injured."  She blinked when he shivered.  "Master?"  She leaned back to look up at him.  "What is it?"

"Let's just say that woman is seriously scary and leave it at that."

Caster blinked, wondering who that woman was and what she did to her master.


"Ma, ah, Yuuno," Rider nodded to Yuuno as the two walked down the street.  They had put the clothes she had bought back in their apartment a few hours ago and were just walking around the city, trying to familiarize themselves with it.  "A Servant is heading this way."

Before Yuuno could say anything, Rider was in front of him.  "It's that Caster..."  She whispered softly as she looked down the street, her vision almost zooming through the crowd to see the Servant heading their way.  "What should we..?"

"Relax," Yuuno put a hand on Rider's shoulder.  The Servant tried not to show it, but she did tense up under his touch, "I doubt she'll start something here.  And if she does, well, we'll cross that bridge when it comes to it."  Yuuno didn't relish the thought of facing Reinforce in combat, not without Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Signum and Vita standing between him and Reinforce at least.  Even if Rider was super strong and fast, he didn't think she could fly at all.  "Rider, I have to know, just why were you called up as Rider?"

"Ah," Rider was about to begin when Caster suddenly stopped less than twenty feet from the two of them.  "I'll tell you later."

"You are Rider and you..."  She trailed off, her pupils shrinking as she looked at Yuuno.  "...You look so...  So familiar to me...  Why?"

"If I told you that it took two chains, several spikes, a giant hammer, pink beams, energy swords, an arrow, stone, ice and a massive teleportation spell to deal with..."

"You were that boy that helped stop me," Caster gasped, staring at Yuuno as she trembled, "I...  I never wanted to meet you like this."

"I think we could stand to talk, don't you?"  Yuuno smiled at her.

Caster just nodded.


"A Karaoke booth?"  Rider looked around the small room dubiously.  "Why here?  It won't keep anyone from scrying us magically..."

"True, but it's sound proofed, and I've already set up fields to keep anyone from listening in."  Yuuno looked at Caster and smiled.  "It's been eight years."

"Yes," Caster nodded and looked at Rider before sighing, "how has my family been doing?"

"Well, actually, Zafira's still with Hayate, protecting her, Vita works with Nanoha now as a trainer, Signum is basically an independent investigator and Hayate is well on her way to becoming a colonel now."

"Master," Rider spoke up as she looked at Caster, "are you sure we can..."

"I mean you no harm today.  I was merely..."  Caster gave a soft smile, "shopping for Enerlope batteries for my master."  She giggled at Rider's look, "even with your mask on, I can tell, you're confused.  My master was playing a video game when the batteries started to run low.  She has backups, but she needs some replacements by tomorrow."

"...Why would a Magus play video games?"  Rider asked no one in particular.

Caster shrugged at her.  "They're a way to burn time and not think about the world around you.  What about you?"  She looked at Yuuno again, "how have you been doing?"

"Actually, I'm on a month-long vacation.  I came back to Earth to visit everyone, and, ah..."  He rubbed the back of his head nervously, "I messed up on the coordinates slightly and ended up near here instead."  He nodded to Rider, "and I summoned her by accident after my arm started to bleed."

"I see."  Caster nodded and sighed.  "I should be going, but, Yuuno..."  She stood up and before Rider could react, she grabbed Yuuno and gave him a tight hug, "tell Hayate hello for me, okay?"  Her eyes watered up as he nodded.  "Thank you."  Letting him go, she turned to look at Rider and nodded to her.  "Please, take care of him.  He's a kind person and someone I know you can trust."

"We are enemies."  Rider pointed out to Caster, who shrugged at her.  "Do you not find it..."

"No, I don't.  My previous life was filled with nothing but enemies.  Your master is not one of them, so, even if we're on different sides of this war, we're not enemies to each other."

Rider watched as a black triangle formed under Caster and she disappeared.  'Not enemies?'  She thought to herself, wondering about that.

She never had a life of no enemies, after all.
Well, here's the next part. I think it's a little shorter than the previous part, but I thought it was a good spot to stop right here.
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Andarion Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012
... It just crossed my mind. If you are planning a Shirou vs. Archer fight... well Shirou would be furiously attacking Archer, even more than when his ideals or life were at stake. Archer would be surprised and would ask him why is he so furious. Shirou would grit his teeth and announce to the whole world "I WILL PROVE TO ARCHERKO THAT MY SWORD IS BIGGER THAN YOURS!". Bad, Bad Archerko, making fun of such an important thing to a guy XD
SilverScarCat Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012
*Snicker* That would be funny.
Lycodrake Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Poor Archerko getting distracted.
Oh?~ Caster-Medea's master met a very scary woman, hm? :3
Reinforce Eins and Yuuno (with Rider) having a chat was nice. ^^
SilverScarCat Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Archerko can't help herself. XD

VERY scary woman. :3

Glad you liked it. ^_^
Lycodrake Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Of course not.
I have a guess.~
No problem. ^^
neogoki Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Archerko is plotting, maybe a school visit in uniform? just to get a rise out of shirou & rin?

The Blue? scary. the blue meeting the white Devil? OMGWAD!!!

Rider is now facing her biggest challenge, how to live in peace. I think Zwei can teach her thee basics (ICECREAM!)

Reinforce Eins, poor girl, but her memories are there. If Hayate hears this she will come, no matter what, after all these beautiful boobs needs to be groped. And Zwei needs to meet her "Mama"
SilverScarCat Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Imagine Archerko running around in bloomers and a white t-shirt. :XD:

Blue and White Devils teamed up?
I could just see Shiki now...
"Did Arcueid just run off, screaming in terror?"

Well, it's still a war. ;p
neogoki Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
if it the same she used in FSN, it will be a very tight, belly-button-showing temptation

Arc sensed the union of "the two that should never meet" from miles away, she decided to grab shiki and hide for a century or so

calling in the "reinforcements" (pun-intended) is a basic tactic, "summon Hayate" is a cool, cruel and unusal tactic.

If she start arguing with Rin it will sound like either talking to herself (image how Archer will freak out at that!)

Also Subaru meeting Saber(who shares her voice with Ixy and appearnce with Vivio) one more king for Subaru's collection
SilverScarCat Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Heh heh heh. Who knows?

She also grabbed Akiha, Kohaku and Hisui. Forget Ciel, she wants Shiki to be with her and be happy, so, save his family too.

Reinforcement of the Army? XD

not really, Hayate and Rin don't really sound alike. Same VAs, but they don't sound alike. Rin and Material-D tho... :XD:

Imagine Subaru meeting Iskender... :XD:
neogoki Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
makes to bring a cook, doctor and a maid, as well some toys

was thinking about Zwei

too bad, hoped for a massive Archer-freak-out

"let's conquer the world and grab all cuties for us!"
"Yay SIR!"
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